On 22 March, one week after the confinement, President Nicolas Maduro announced new measures. He decreed:

✅The suspension of rents for individuals and merchants for 6 months.
✅The prohibition of dismissals until 31 December 2020 
✅The suspension of water and electricity bills for 6 months 
✅The suspension of consumer or mortgage loan repayments
✅The massification of the public home food-aid distribution programme (CLAP)
✅The generalization of wage adjustment vouchers (universal income) 
✅The State covers SME salaries for 6 months
✅State credits are granted for companies in the health, food, pharmaceutical and hygiene sectors. Read more

Propaganda against Venezuela

False accusations, repeated over and over again by the army of media columnists, seek to legitimize any warmongering act against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the forum of international public opinion.

The media bombs have already started to fall. Read more

Ongoing coup in Venezuela

President Donald Trump stated that the military option against Venezuela remains valid ("all options are on the table"). As for the State Department, it has already announced that it is preparing to send "humanitarian aid." Nicolas Maduro's government will never accept that the USA should disembark under the pretext of "humanitarian aid." This provocation is part of a planned strategy that former SouthCom Commander John Kelly had mentioned on 28 October 2015. Read more

Hurricane Irma lays bare France’s Venezuela hypocrisy


Only three weeks ago, Macron called the government of President Nicolas Maduro a dictatorship. What mystery of our diplomacy explains why France now supports cooperation ties, of whatever type, with an undemocratic regime? Is there any coherence in our country’s diplomacy or did Hurricane Irma disorientate our foreign policy? Read more

Venezuela's Incoming Parliamentary Opposition Is the Only Hope 

December 9, 2015

Now the political game has been turned on its head, what are the plans of the new majority in the National Assembly? Read more

Kristallnacht in Venezuela
April 17, 2013

He had already announced his intentions. On April 9th, five days before the presidential election, Henrique Capriles Radonski stated: "I am not going to be the same as on October 7th, I will defend the votes." On the following day the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, presented on state television proof confirming the intentions of the Venezuelan right to contest the election results with the aim of mounting a coup d’état in Venezuela. Click to read more

Chávez, Anti-Semitismand Misinformation Campaign: a Defamatory Article by Libération

January 16, 2006

After reading Jean Hebert Armengaud’s article, “le credo anti-Semite de Hugo Chávez” (Libération, January 9, 2006), I started questioning myself: ¿Would I live in a country whose democratically elected president stigmatizes a sector of its population because of religious matters? ¿Is the Chavismo an anti-Semitic political movement? ¿Have I become so blind that I can not see the Bolivarian pogroms? ¿Have I become so deaf that I can not listen to the appeals for hate shouted by the government? Click to read more

Misión Sucre promotesmunicipalization of college education

June 7, 2005

“Teacher, a kid from the barrio just got kidnapped!
How do you tell kids that they should not talk to strangers?” Eduardo Espinoza, a teacher from the barrio replied. Click to read more

Government of Venezuelalaunches Barrio Adentro II
June 15, 2005

Speaking during his radio and television program ‘Aló, Presidente’, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez officially launched Barrio Adentro II. The purpose of the healthcare plan is to provide the entire population with free healthcare, with the help of specialized Cuban doctors, new facilities, and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Similarly, the mission rebuilds a public service that is beneficial for the people of Venezuela and puts an end to 40 years of social exclusion in the healthcare realm. Click to read more

40,000 are benefiting from the Fabricio Ojeda Endogenous Development Nucleus
June 20, 2005

With a popular clinic, 2 drugstores, 3 cooperatives, a subsidized supermarket, recreational areas the Fabricio Ojeda Endogenous Development Nucleus constitutes a model of community self-management. Its second phase confirms the success of this project, seeing as a Bolivarian School, a soup kitchen, a kindergarten, and other facilities are expected to be built. Click to read more

Food relief kitchens feed over 750,000 Venezuelans
June 29, 2005

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced that 7,000 food relief kitchens will be built by next semester. Three cooks from the Gramoven food relief kitchen, located in a poor community of the Caracas area, affirmed that around 160 people have lunch and dinner there everyday. Click to read more

Venezuela counts 592 community mediaoutlets
July 6, 2005

“This is Radio Perola, 92.3 FM…the radio of the community!"… This echo is heard in the heart of the run-down skyscrapers of fifteen stories high; called “bloques” of Caricuao. In addition to this media outlet, Venezuela counts 447 alternative radio stations, but also 25 television stations and 120 community newspapers throughout the country. These media outlets were created by and for the community so it can have a place to convene, make its complaints, share information, and create its neighborhood identity. Click to read more

July 13, 2005

When the Bolivarian Government took office in 1999, Venezuelas public education system was completely ruined. From that moment, the present regime has stepped up efforts to find effective and practical solutions to optimize the level of education of the great majority of Venezuelan children. After multiple efforts and an investment of more than 2 million dollars, at the end of the 2005 school year, 789,000 children from the 3,807 Bolivarian Schools throughout the country benefited from free and quality education. Click to read more

July 20, 2005

After Presidential Decree 1.666 was promulgated in 2002, which refers to Land Ownership Regulations, 5,654 Urban Land Committees (CTU) were set up in Venezuela. Part of their objective is to conduct censuses, deal with cadastral matters, work with the land ownership administration and even bring the historic memory back to poor communities. Click to read more

July 27, 2005

On July 10, during his radio and television program Aló, Presidente, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez officially launched Misión Cultura. The Mission will kick off with over 28,000 "promoters" who will carry out a series of actions and projects to rescue the identity of their parishes and communities. The purpose of the program is to “rescue our values, those of which have never vanished”. Click to read more